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"Welcome to Bob's Burgeria, the place place you'll find in the state of New York. Now, just to tell you, don't get nervous IF you see Bob walking, as his servos get locked up if he's deactivated for too long, also, check on Camera 4 from time to time because there is a music box there that can be wound up remotely."
Now everything is kind here. or is it? You think this is some place for kiddies? Well, maybe during the day but when it's night WELCOME TO HELL.

Version Numbers:

V 1.0.1 Fixed some glitches on the Game Over Screen (I cant figure out what the bug with the music box is on night one)
V 1.0.2 Fixed the music box bug
V 1.1 Edited the map

Inspired By:

MateusRiff's Bubba's Diner

Flumpp's Five Nights at Freddy's: Remembrance!

Talk_To_Them for the idea for the name!

TerryDaktyl for Jester

Night Codes:

Night 1: 1;1;1;1;1;
Night 2: 2;;;;;
Night 3: 3:::
Night 4: 4ppp
Night 5: 5qwertyuiop

More information

Published356 days ago
AuthorExo-Wave, Inc